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Your Good Guitar is your tool and your showpiece. Keep it in tip-top shape. For cleaning, we recommend using a soft cotton rag or chamois cloth. Using a rough cloth can put swirls in the finish of any guitar. To remove the practice and performance grim, use a gentle cleaner, such as a standard guitar cleaner or Windex. Your Good Guitar has a unique, painted fingerboard, so you can use the same product for the entire surface. The best time to clean is when you're changing strings, as you'll have a clear shot at the neck and won't result in a lint festival.

Good Guitars have a durable polyurethane finish, similar to your car. Once it's clean, you can use a high quality automotive wax (a pea-sized drop) to occasionally buff out any scratches or mars or give it a special shine before a big show. Just like your hot rod, DON'T GET THE WAX ON YOUR CHROME (hardware and pickups).

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