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Style With a Purpose

The Good Guitar embodies many carefully chosen characteristics that bring more than just design benefits to your instrument.


The three basic guitar shapes that are popular today were designed 50 years ago.  Either you stick with these or you are a player apart. Good Guitars makes a straightforward instrument for players who are ready to express their individuality.

Good Guitars are 20% pointier than the competition, but more importantly, they are the pointiest to fit into a standard-sized strat case.

The carved neck joint and beveled cutaway provide easy, comfortable access to the 22nd fret.

_DSC2772-XL (1)_edited.jpg

Sure, it looks evil. But it make bends on the high strings easier (because there’s less string behind the nut to stretch). Since the low strings have more behind the nut, they stay in tune through fluctuations in fretting and picking. Chords are in tune, bends are smooth and precise. 


BONUS: You look cool on stage.

DSC00273-XL (1).jpg


The Good Triton has one of the largest playing areas on a modern production guitar. This facilitates shred techniques such as sweep-picking and tapping and minimizes string noise for players of all ability levels. Like Frankenstein’s monster, “the sheer size simplifies everything.”


The string spacing is wide to minimize string noise on advanced techniques like tapping and hybrid picking. The 13.5” Radius was designed to be fast and sweepable, with narrow tall frets for accurate legato licks.

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