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Licensed Floyd Rose


Debates constantly rage among guitar players. One favorite is the use of a tremolo bar. They've been around a long time, popularized by amazing players like Eddie Van and Steve Vai. Tremolo or "whammy" bars are used to add vibrato to the guitar's sound by changing the tension of the strings, typically at the bridge or tailpiece, using a control lever. Dive bomb? Whammy bar.

Proponents like the creative sounds they can achieve using the bar.

Anti-trem players claim that they damage tone because the nooks and crannies of all the moving parts act as dampers for various frequencies, causing you to lose harmonic nuance and sustain. They can also cause tuning issues during performances.


There are some dirty truths to tremolos: Down tuning your guitar becomes much more challenging, as does re-stringing your instrument. We don't recommend the Floyd Rose for new players because of these two issues. You need to learn how to tune your guitar lightening fast. Changing your strings regularly is CRITICAL to your tone. If these become a difficult, challenging process because of your tremolo, it's going to hamper your growth as a player. 


The Good Guitar philosophy is that tones and sounds can be controlled with a skilled player's hands. Check out this tutorial on how to achieve some classic "whammy sounds" without actually having one: Good Whammy Techniques


Our model is available in red and features a licensed Floyd Rose vibrato system with a double-locking design (which helps the guitar stay in tune through larger pitch changes).

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