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They Sound as Good as They Look

You can always roll off high end from your rig, but once you lose those harmonics, you can't get them back.

A mushy sounding guitar with three pickups is going to sound like a rubber band on every pickup, through every amp. 

The Good Guitar gives you more from every note in every component. 

That's our definition of versatility.


That's right. There isn't one. Even turned up all the way, tone knobs bleed volume and high end. The harmonics that make each note sound full and unique are in the highest frequency band. 

Stripping the tone knob yields a stronger signal and registers more of the nuances that make your playing unique. 


You have more tonal control with your hands before you touch a knob or pedal.


Your Good Guitar is equipped with the only pickup you will ever need. The Ultra High Output Alnico IV Blade Humbucker is specially designed to maximize harmonics.


This means more nuance to notes picked at different places along the string and more usable tones along the entire range of the volume knob. Even in coil tap mode, there's enough signal for chunky power chords that overdrive most amps, and quick access to a wide palette of tones.


The flat blade design prevents grounding out against the string (for you serious palm muters) and the blade pole pieces ensure maximum output when bending.


Good Guitars are equipped with a flat mount, string-through bridge because it provides the most surface area connecting to the body for maximum resonance transfer. 

This means heavy duty low end, complex sustain, and overtones that reflect the sound of the wood. Steel saddles provide durability and great high end response. 


The wide bridge spacing (2 1/8") is perfect for advanced techniques such as hybrid picking.


The fully shielded, small electronics cavity contains 500K Volume, coil tap. 

The minimalized compartment reduces noise and is stage ready.

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